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At our Oklahoma City practice, we are dedicated to providing the finest orthopaedic shoulder care to our patients. From the moment you walk into our office, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will do their utmost to make sure that your visit with us is as comfortable as possible. Using the most advanced technology, including arthroscopic procedures, The Oklahoma Shoulder Center provides comprehensive orthopaedic shoulder care.

Your visits with us are all about you, your happiness, your comfort and your health. Our patients expect and receive the finest care with a gentle touch each and every time they see us. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make wise decisions about your health care. Among our most important functions is to educate our patients as to their treatment options. We take the time to speak to you about your treatment goals and we will make recommendations allowing you to make the most educated health care decisions.



  • Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Shoulder Stabilization
  • Tendon Transfers
  • Sports Injuries
  • Elbow Surgery
  • Dislocation Treatment

Our Doctor

Dr. Betsy Nolan

Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon

  • Shoulder Joint Replacement

    Shoulder joint replacement refers to a surgical procedure during which the damaged components of the shoulder’s ball and socket joint are removed and then replaced with prosthetic devices. It is beneficial for individuals who have been debilitated by degenerative joint disease, other forms of arthritis, or have sustained certain severe shoulder fractures. Shoulder joint replacement may be recommended in situations where conservative non-surgical therapy or other procedures have not provided relief from significant shoulder pain, stiffness, and loss of motion.

  • Rotator Cuff Tears

    The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that connect the upper arm bone, the humerus, to the shoulder blade. Their function is to stabilize the shoulder and help to lift and rotate the arm. When a rotator cuff tear occurs those arm movements are limited and/or significant pain may be associated with shoulder motion.

  • Shoulder Dislocation

    A shoulder dislocation occurs when the head of the upper arm bone known as the humerus is displaced from its cup-shaped socket in the shoulder blade. Although this dislocation can occur in several directions, 95-98% of the time the shoulder dislocates anteriorly towards the front of the body.

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy allows doctors to diagnose and/or treat many joint problems utilizing a minimally invasive surgical method. In this procedure a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, is introduced into the joint through a small incision. The video captured by the arthroscope is projected onto a viewing screen enabling the surgeon to see all of the structures in the joint in great detail. At the same time miniaturized surgical instruments to perform tasks associated with the diagnosis and repair of the joint are inserted through other incisions.